It’s hard to pinpoint what Chloe Buescher’s high school coaches at Milton find most impressive about her.

Her athletic ability, which led to three first-team selections in volleyball, basketball and soccer her senior season.

Her work in the classroom, which led Buescher to graduate with near a 4.2 GPA.

Or her tireless work ethic, which undoubtedly led to the previously mentioned accomplishments.

One thing wasn’t hard to pinpoint, Buescher isn’t an athlete that comes around all that often.

Buescher unofficially ended her Milton career on June 14, helping the South All-Stars beat the North All-Stars in the Girls Basketball Division 2 All Star Game.

The graduated senior’s athletic and academic career is not over however. Buescher will play volleyball at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater starting next season.

Oddly enough for the three-sport star, volleyball was the one sport going into high school she wasn’t so sure about.

“I was pretty set on basketball and soccer because I’ve always played those sports,” Buescher said. “Volleyball was kind of a question for me, because I had only played in middle school.”

Buescher said she thought about running cross country her freshman year, but thought her length would be a better fit for volleyball.

It was.

On the Field and Court

Buescher turned into one of the areas best volleyball players by her senior season.

She was named the Badger South’s Player of the Year this season and was a Badger South first-team member her junior and senior years.

She got her first taste of varsity action near the end of her freshman year.

“I think I realized I had something special in her when I brought her up as a freshman,” Milton head volleyball coach Wayne Hansen said.

“She was a standout athlete even as a freshman,” said Rachel Butterfield, who was a senior at Milton during Buescher’s freshman year. “She was quiet, but her talent defitnely spoke.”

Hansen said she thought Buescher started coming into her own near the end of her sophomore season.

“Once she realized, I’m about 6-foot, 6-foot-1, I can do a lot of damage out here,” Hansen said. “I think that’s when it started clicking.”

She also used that height in basketball.

Buescher spent most games dominating the post, snatching rebounds and racking up steals thanks in part to her height.

“She was always tall and lengthy,” Milton head girls basketball coach Stacy Skemp said. “She wanted to play on the wing and said she wasn’t going to be a post player, so we always joke around with her how she morphed into a very dominant post player.”

According to wissports, she averaged 15.1 points per game on a 52.2 shooting percentage. She also grabbed 11 rebounds per game.

In her 2019 basketball season, Buescher helped Milton reach the sectional semifinal. With a game to go to state on the line, Buescher scored 24 points in a 62-51 defeat to Monroe on March 2.

Then there was soccer.

Buescher was the only Milton player to make an all-conference team this season. She was part of a special time in the program during her four years. From her freshman to her junior years, the Red Hawks won three regional championships. This season they came up just short, falling in the regional final.

“I’ve been a head coach for six years and I’ve been with the program around eight as an assistant,” Milton head girls soccer coach Kayla Hottinger said. “Chloe probably has had one of the bigger impacts on the program.

“Without Chloe, a lot of our success wouldn’t have been possible.”

Buescher was a consistent scoring force and was maybe an even better passer. Some of her season highlights include a first-half hat trick in the season opener and a hat trick on Senior Night.

“She’s probably one of the most athletic girls to come through Milton regardless of sport,” Hottinger said.

In the Classroom

Just as good as Buescher was on the field and court, her prowess in the classroom may have been even better.

While juggling three sports, she still managed to graduate with over a 4.0 GPA.

“It was definitely a lot of time management,” Buescher said. “I’m someone who gets home from my practices and goes to bed early. If I had to study or get my homework done I would always wake up early in the morning and do it.”

It’s not a bad look for a program when one if it’s best athletes is also one of its best students.

“It feels great to have your top athlete be one of the top students in her class,” Milton Athletic Director Brian Hammil said. “ I want all athletes to be great students, and with Chloe, I have a specific example that I can share with our future athletes for them to strive to be like.”

Her smarts also didn’t hurt her while competing.

“She’s a smart player,” Hansen said. “Volleyball isn’t all about moving to certain spots, you have to react how the opposite team is playing. That’s what she was able to do. That’s what differentiates between a smart player and your average player.”

Buescher’s mix of athletics and academics was recognized when she was recently named as an Academic-All State member by the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association, which is based on specific academic standards as well as playing ability.

‘Second to None’

Buescher could have listed off a lot of reasons when asked why she thought she was able to become such a dominant three-sport athlete. Her speed, length, instincts, intelligence. But instead, she credited to those that came before her.

“I got to look up to a lot of great players and they always had the mindset of you have to put the work into it in order to get the outcome you want,” Buescher said. “That translated into my play I think. I wanted to work harder than everyone else.”

It was that mindset that makes Buescher a coach’s dream.

“Overall just a great kid,” Skemp said. “One of the kids you’d like to have 20 or 30 of them in your coaching career. Just awesome academics, character, work ethic.”

“She’s a consummate teammate, someone the coach can trust,” Hansen said.

“She could have a hat trick and two assists and come off and ask what she is doing wrong,” Hottinger said.

“The girl never stopped working,” Hottinger added “Her work ethic was second to none and that’s one of the reasons she has had the success she’s had.”

Buescher’s work ethic and attitude are reasons why she most likely will be in Milton lore for years to come.

“Chloe ranks with some of the best three-sport athletes,” Hammil said. “The common traits for some of the best athletes has been their drive, their selflessness, and oftentimes, their aptitude. She understands how she can help her team be successful, and I’ve never seen or heard anything that would suggest she cared about her individual success.”

Red Hawk to Warhawk

Buescher hasn’t thought too much about what she’s accomplished at Milton, because for her, it was just for the fun of the game.

“It’s funny, I was working on my article book for my graduation party and I was going through all the different articles and I was reading them and I was like, oh I didn’t realize I scored that many points or did that,” Buescher said. “It was really for the fun of doing the sports.”

Plus, she has more to add to her legacy when she represents Milton while at Whitewater, with the help of another former Red Hawk.

Rachel Butterfield, who also was a former Player of the Year at Milton, will reunite with Buescher on the volleyball team at UW-W as a senior next season.

“I’m really excited,” Butterfield said. “From seeing all those articles about her from this past senior year of hers on social media, I’m like, ‘jeez this girl is the real deal.’

“I’m excited for her to be coming to Whitewater and playing volleyball. She picked volleyball and I get to be playing with her now. I’m excited to have her under my wing again.”

Buescher mentioned the two former Red Hawks have had been in contact since her commitment to UW-W.

“She’s [Butterfield] been super nice,” Buescher said. “I’m excited to play with her again.”

Buescher will begin her collegiate career when the Warhawk volleyball season begins August 30.

“I’m excited for it,” Buescher said. “I just want it to be a lot of fun.”

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