Students in the School District of Milton had school Monday. When they will return to the buildings is unknown.

On Tuesday and Wednesday students did not attend school, staff was directed to work on virtual learning plans.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on Monday announced updated guidance to school districts regarding the continuity of learning amid the spread of COVID-19 and the closure of public and private schools.

The DPI will waive a state mandated hour requirement to districts requesting to do so during the ongoing public health emergency. Districts will still need to file a waiver, per state law, but the DPI will work to ensure an expedited process.

On March 13, Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm, under the direction of Gov. Tony Evers, issued an order closing Wisconsin public and private schools, effective at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The school district sent an email to families late Friday, and text messages and phone calls went out Saturday morning.

In the letter emailed Friday, district administration addressed why school was held Monday, when other districts chose to close.

“We believe it is important to have students at school on Monday, March 16, for the following reasons:

* This will allow staff and students an opportunity to communicate face-to-face, to share reassurance, and front-load expectations related to Virtual Learning Days.

* This provides an opportunity for parents to pick up any medication in the school office for their child(ren). Please remember, this may be the last opportunity to pick up medications until schools potentially reopen in early April.

* This will allow all students to empty cubbies and lockers to prepare for deep cleaning.

* This will allow our district an opportunity to provide grab-and-go meals for those students who may be facing food shortages during the school closure.

* This will allow students the opportunity to gather learning materials (devices, chargers, instructional materials).

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