Marchfest 2018

The Milton High School Red Hawk Marching Band finished third with a score of 72.788 at Waukesha South High School.

The Milton High School Red Hawk began its competitive season earning second and third place.

On Sept. 22, the Milton High School Red Hawk Marching Band traveled to Waukesha South High School to participate in its first competition of the fall season. It was a large show this year with six other bands in Milton’s class (Class AAA).

MHS director of bands Nathan Pierce said, “The Red Hawk Marching Band had a great first performance and took home third-place honors out of seven bands in competition.”

Class AAA breakdown (Total points are on a 100-point scale):

1st place – Waukesha West High School – 79.975

2nd place – Waukesha North High School – 75.550

3rd place – Milton High School – 72.788

4th place – Cedarburg High School – 72.100

5th place – Greenfield High School – 64.038

6th place – Wauwatosa East High School – 60.888

7th place – Watertown High School – 53.113

On Sept. 23, the band traveled back to Waukesha to compete at Waukesha West High School. While the field of Class AAA bands was a bit smaller, the competition was still tight. (Pierce said scores were a bit lower because the competition was judged by different set of adjudicators.) The Red Hawk Marching Band improved their placing to second place out of three bands in the Class AAA competition.

Class AAA breakdown (again on a 100-point scale):

1st place – Waukesha North High School – 72.425

2nd place – Milton High School – 68.950

3rd place – South Milwaukee High School – 58.800

The Red Hawk Marching Band will perform in the MHS homecoming parade at 2 p.m. Friday and at the homecoming football game. Competition continues Sunday afternoon in Oak Creek.

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