March 18, 2010

“Parkview Drive redevelopment spending approved.” Taking their cue from the plan commissioner’s recommendation last week, Milton City Council members approved use of $15,000 in funds for a comprehensive redevelopment plan for the Parkview Drive business district. The plan from city planners Vandewalle & Associates will cost $30,000 but the city received a $15,000 matching grant from the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

Photo: “Census Challenge.” Milton Mayor Tom Chesmore and Edgerton City Council President Ron Webb shake hands upon making a city response rate challenge for the 2010 Census. The leader from the community with the lowest mail-in response has vowed to attend a city council meeting wearing a shirt that boldly advertises the other’s community logo.

March 16, 1995

“School district enters into educational partnership.”

The Milton Education association, school administrators and board of education signed Village Partnership anchor documents. They give formal approval to the district’s participation in the Village Partnership, a statewide reform initiative.

“Bank president retires.” The Bank of Milton announced the retirement of its president, JR Howard. He began his career with the bank in 1973 as assistant cashier.

“Tomah products plans $2 million expansion.” Less than a year after he purchased Tomah Products from Exxon Corp., Steve King is planning a $2 million expansion that will increase the capacity of the specialty chemical plant.

March 19, 1970

“Board studies MHS addition” Financing of a proposed addition to the senior high school could be accomplished without an addition to the district’s debt service levy. A proposal to add classroom, workroom and locker room space to the high school by the fall 1971 is being studied by the board.

Embargo. An embargo on mail destined for New York was announced by the post office after NY postal workers went on strike.

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