Babs in a basket

I love Crazy Days sales. Those are the sales where prices are so low I buy things that I might not use right away — or ever.

I was standing in the checkout line Saturday morning when my husband asked, “What is that?”

I wasn’t sure if he was serious. I have wondered that before when he sees purchases that very clearly are for cats, which we do not have. “Cat litter,” I replied. “We don’t know if we’re going to have a cat.”

The cashier looks up.

I laugh at the absurdity. I turn to the cashier and say, “I have cats at work.” The explanation doesn’t help.

And what? A cat might crawl into my work bag so we have to be ready with cat litter at home? I laugh again.

The clerk makes a comment about the fact that it is the Crazy Days sale.

The fact is we do not know if we will be bringing one of the Copycats home and at $2.99 a box, I’m going to take a risk and buy litter. As a friend pointed out, cat litter can be great for creating traction on icy roads.

I know many of you are wondering what will happen to the Copycats, and we will follow up and let you know when we know for sure where they are moving.

I received a text from someone interested in Cali.

So far, no one has expressed interest in Babs, though she is a cat who is difficult to not love. Babs has melted the hearts of people who have never before loved cats. She’s fun. She likes to chase things. She listens to cat music on Spotify and anything you want to tell her. She enjoys sitting on a good newspaper, specifically the most recent Milton Courier. She likes to eat all times of the day. At night she growls, then carries around her stuffy until she places it somewhere very purposefully. Monday morning Stuffy was on my chair waiting for me. Oh, Babs, you’re breaking my heart. We will find you a home, even if it turns out to be my own.

My husband will undoubtedly say, “What is that?”

And I will reply, “Well, we have cat litter. We might as well have a cat.”

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