School District of Milton

Any additional employment compensation will be included in the staffing report for Milton School Board approval (or disapproval). A sentence saying that was added to policies for employment of support staff and professional staff approved by the school board Monday reflects that.

In February school member Brian Kvapil questioned $30,500 in stipends that he said did not receive approval of the whole board.

A more detailed staffing report addresses that concern. The staffing report was revised in April to detail the type of contract/letter, end date and compensation.

Before additional duties and additional compensation appear on the staffing report, they appear on an “employee recommendation form.”

The form is not new, and according to Human Resources Director Chris Tukiendorf has been around about 10 years in various forms. Tukiendorf said he and former Director of Business Services Mary Van Valin created it.

The employee recommendation form was further revised to include a checkbox for additional responsibilities/compensation as well as boxes for employment, promotion and change/transfer. The form asks: “Is this a change in compensation or an extra duty pay amount?” If the answer is yes, the supervisor is asked to list the amount, start and end dates, explanation and justification.

Attorney Lori Lubinsky, a partner at Axley Law Firm in Madison, earlier this year conducted an investigation into the handling of administrative stipends and board policy compliance. She found no wrongdoing by administrators, but recommended the board “take a careful look at the circumstances under which employees receive additional compensation.”

At the April 22 school board meeting, Kvapil had said the board needs to take action on the investigation recommendations before he would approve any employment contracts. Therefore, he had been voting no on every staffing report.

On Nov. 25 he voted to approve a contract making Rich Dahman the district superintendent. Kvapil on his Milton Transparency Project Facebook page Sunday said he had no concerns with the job Dahman, who was initially contracted as the interim superintendent, has been doing. Kvapil stated he would support Dahman’s contract if “the process of making the changes in policies addressing additional pay was started and everyone would make a good faith effort to make the changes official.”

With changes to policies 3120 and 4120, Kvapil stated, “It is great to see progress being made. I am encouraged this will continue.”

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