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The Residential Exterior Improvement program will be funded for a second year. Members of the City of Milton Community Development Authority (CDA) approved updates to the program with some language and procedural changes made during a meeting held Sept. 30.

Funded through the city’s tax incremental financing districts, the city has allocated $25,000 which will be made available in the form of 50% matching grants, with an individual project grant capped at $5,000. Grant requests will be received and reviewed by the city until the funds run out.

The program was developed to help homeowners with properties in need of repair, but who might be having difficulty making those repairs on their own, City Administrator Al Hulick said last February when the program was initially rolled out.

According to a recent news release, the city is currently accepting applications from those seeking grants for projects to be completed in 2020.

Program updates going into effect this year include a new application schedule. Applicants must submit their requests by the second Monday of each month. The requests will then be reviewed by the CDA during their regularly scheduled meeting, and then by the city council during its first meeting each month.

Based on those requirements, first applications for 2020 will be due Jan. 13, and the CDA will review them on Jan. 27. The city council will approve first applications on Feb. 4. A similar process will continue throughout the year until the funds are expended, program documentation states.

Those seeking program funds must own a property that is over 25 years old, have lived in the home for at least five years, and the value of the property cannot exceed 125 percent of the average accessed value of a home in Milton, which is established by the city assessor on an annual basis.

Homes must also be located within a tax incremental financing district (TID) or, in the case of TID 7, within a half-mile of the TID’s boundaries.

Program requirements further include the submittal of at least two contractor proposals for the installation. The “actual city council approved proposal” must be used to complete the project, program requirements state.

Program language stipulates that funding will not be provided for the purchased materials or labor provided personally by the applicant or any other party besides the contractor approved to do the work.

Total grant funding for a single property may not exceed two grants within a four-year period.

Applicants have one year to complete a project after the funds are awarded.

New language within the program changes the way payments are processes. The council will no longer need to approve the project close-out form. Instead, the city’s finance director or treasurer will review the form and issue payment to the contractor.

Some $1,000 in funds remain available which were allocated to the program this year. Applicants can still apply for those funds, according to the city’s recent news release.

Program applications are available at city hall. For more information, contact City Administrator Al Hulick: 608-868-6900, ext. 6 or by email:

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