The Optimist Club of Milton held its 37th annual Independence Day Run/Walk on Thursday, July 4 in Milton.

In the one mile race, Mara Talabac was crowned the overall female victor, competing in the 13-15 age group. The Milton High School cross country and track and field standout finished with a time of 5:34.

The overall male winner was Janesville’s Matthew Message. He clocked in at a time of 4:31.

Keri Meverden of Janesville was the first female to finish in the 10k race, competing out of the 40-44 age group.

Also out of Janesville was Paul Hartwig, who was the top male in the 10k race.

One Mile Results

Age group 10 and under (top-five finishers included): Female: Ava Calhoon, Chloe Matthews, Bella Robinson, Della Considine and Elle Johnson. Male: Noah Polzin, David Bilhorn, Everett Thompson, Ben Schuetz and Luke Schuetz.

Age group 11-12: Female: Eliza Farr, Addison Fasah, Marly Fladhammer, Julia Schuetz and Esther Dolsema. Male: Jack Smith, Cal Calhoon, Kenan Bales, Jason Brooks and Kaiden Fitterer.

Age group 13-15: Female: Mara Talabac*, Jacey Pryce, Sydney Kanable, Sarah Palmentera-Reid and Susan Palmentera-Reid. Male: Ivan Sykora, D’Angelo Walsh, Brett Wieland, Derek Thompson and Alex Jones.

Age group 16-19: Female: Cambria Thompson, Baylee Grischow, Olivia Johnson and Jaeyln Schumacher. Male: Owen Milligan, Chase Vegter, Carsen Diehls, Caleb Collum and Spencer Kanable.

Age group 20-24: Female: Hannah Calhoon, Danielle Hintz, Rachel Risum, Ali Grischow and Gwen Sveum. Male: Hunter Salmon, Devin Servin, Logan Carroll, John Loomer and Austin Hamilton.

Age group 25-29: Female: Carissa Weigand and Shanny Synder. Male: Matthew Message*, Kyle Martinelli and Cody Jacobson.

Age group 30-34: Female: Laura Cerny, Megan Bjustrom, Lindsey Holtz, Amanda Isacsson and Alyssa Meier. Male: Josh Polzin, Jacob Robinson and Nick Hammon.

Age group 35-39: Female: Jill Calhoon, Cristina DePrey, Carissa Olsen, Lisa Ray and Renee Murphy. Male: Adam Meyer, Aaron Jewell, Phil Murphy, Phillip Olsen and Michael Holtz.

Age group 40-44: Female: Julie Musgrove, Jill Norman, Andrea Paradonski, Jalayne Hawkins and Holly Olsen. Male: Nicholas Horkan., Jeremiah Brooks, Shawn Fladhammer, Ryan Williams and Ben Reese.

Age group 45-40: Female: Wendy Schultz. Male: Grant McNall, Jeff Schultz and Brad Servin.

Age group 50-54: Female: Jilleen Pfarr, Kerith Hintz, Leslie Matchette, Krista Jones and Angie Sveum. Male: John Ejnik., Jeffrey Hintz, Bruce Jones and Dave Link.

Age group 55-59: Female: Lisa Ryan, Courtney Reid, Lisa Loomer, Pamela Palmentera and Sarah Jones. Male: Tim Rutter, Dennis Ryan, Greg Polzin, Paul Ryder and Curtis Schut.

Age group 60-64: Female: Barbara Bowers. Male: Neal Frauenfelder, Jermy Anich, Harold Robinson and Dylan Abraham.

Age group 65-69: Female: Sandy Foster, Joan Gates, Kathy Cullen, Mary Jo Zanton and Gwendolyn Wehe. Male: Larry Stall, Tom Bier and Steven Kumlein.

Age group 70-79: Female: Sandra Olsen. Male: Bryant Krueger, John Lowrey and Harry Hamilton.

Age group 80 and up: Male: John Hessil.

10k Results

Age 15 and under: Female: Madison Kitson, Alayna Borgwardt, Kiarra Henkel and Annabelle Hundt. Male: Carter Herbst, Ben Stricker, Caden Kitson, Levi Kitson and Zander Slack.

Age group 16-19: Female: Lauren Talabac, Anneka Dorn, Allie Miller, Mandy Sullivan and Lexi Slagle. Male: Matt Messer, Logan Servin, Kang Pan, Brendan Harbrecht and Chance Nelson.

Age group 20-24: Female: Alyse Peters, Brynn Lunaas, Megan Black and Michelle Kraus. Male: Eric Paulos, Dominic Pickart, Alex McCann and Jack Lunaas.

Age group 25-29: Female: Emily Muhs, Megan Diamond, Megan Muhs, Brooke Peters and Laura Martinelli. Male: Michael Roherty, Nick Olin, Tom Zanton, Anthony Weisensel and Adam Schultz.

Age group 30-34: Female: Maria Vyvyan, Kate Holcomb, Amber King, Lauren Woelfel and Deanna Considine. Male: Brian Kitzman, Bryan Mears, Bruce Slack, Joe Wodfel and Brandon Miles.

Age group 35-39: Female: Emily Gruenewald, Laurie Finke, Erika Kitson, Jen Baura and Jennie Greenleaf. Male: Paul Hartwig*, Colin Kirk, Peter Bier, Aaron Finke and Chris Kaiser.

Age group 40-44: Female: Keri Meverden*, Sue Hanson, Joy Carr, Heather Niemier and Andrea Wieland. Male: Sean Fagan, Shila Titus, Zach Carr, Ryan Ruggles and Will Vasquez.

Age group 45-49: Female: Jennifer Cramer, Chris Watson, Jen Johns and Brenda Casamento. Male: Travis Grossen, Shane Kunkel, Matt Richardson, Robert Hein and Sean Jauch.

Age group 50-54: Female: Cathy Martinelli. Male: John Cherf, Jonny Brown, Greg Martinelli, Tom Peterson and Mike Karas.

Age group 55-59: Female: Anne Morgan, Ann Heaslett, Janet Schultz and Karen Weikel. Male: Byron Muhs, Dean Capp, Peter Diamond, Myers Warren and Walter Wendell.

Age group 60-64: Female: Shawn Fredericks, Mary Kozak and Gail Yanke. Male: Craig Lunaas, Billy Maybe, Allen Brecher and Rod Vick.

Age group 65-69: Male: Douglas Scott, Jim Hutchinson and Kurt Yanke.

Age group 70-79: Male: Carl Olson and Steve Scaccia.

Over 400 people participated in the two races and proceeds from the race went to Kids on Stage Theater program, community projects, sports team sponsorships, high school scholarships, library summer reading program and Breakfast with Santa.

Kris Koeffler can be contacted at (608) 868–4229 for people looking to claim their award.

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