Matt Kleinschmidt is the newest associate principal at Milton High School.

He started as a high school science teacher for 12 years. He then became assistant principal at Fruzen Intermediate School in Beloit for a year before becoming principal there for three years.

Kleinschmidt told the Milton Courier he had decided he wanted to get back to a high school and found Milton had an opening.

A graduate of Parkview High School, he grew up in the Orfordville area.

“I think Milton is a good, strong district,” he said. “I’m just looking to first get to know people and systems and culture. I believe leadership is kind of a support role. What can I do to get everybody moving in the same direction? What can I do to get people what they need?”

He said he wants to learn, then act.

“Change is good but it’s got to be for the right reasons,” he said.

Kleinschmidt said his work will be concentrated on the ninth- and 10th-grade levels and positive behavioral interventions and supports program

“I think the biggest thing I want people to know about me is this school has a strong presence in the City of Milton and I’m excited to be a part of that, be a part of Milton culture,” he said.

Already, he said he’s been out on the golf course. 

Kleinschmidt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broad-field Science Education and Master’s Degree in Education and Professional Development from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and obtained an administrative license from Concordia University.

He, his wife, two sons and daughter live in Beloit.

Kleinschmidt replaces Randy Bartels and joins Associate Principal Tara Huber, who started at MHS in the special education department in 2003.

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