Big Radio on Monday unveiled plans to consolidate its Rock County radio operations into a single location. Big Radio, owned by Benjamin Thompson, increased its radio holdings in Rock County to five primary signals in August when the company closed on the acquisition of WCLO/WJVL. Big Radio also owns WBEL (licensed to South Beloit, Illinois), WWHG and WGEZ. The five facilities currently utilize three studio locations within the county.

The consolidation announced Monday will bring all five stations to a central location on the fifth floor of the former Parker Pen headquarters building at 1 Parker Place in Janesville.

“I’m very much looking forward to having everyone in Janesville/Beloit under one roof”, said Thompson, who is planning a complete renovation of the newly leased space.

Plans call for construction of seven new broadcast studios to house the five radio stations along with news and commercial production needs.

WCLO and WJVL will move from the third floor of the downtown Janesville Gazette building, while WGEZ will maintain its office and studio facilities in Beloit and originate some broadcasts from a satellite studio in the new Janesville facility. WWHG and WBEL, already housed on the fourth floor of 1 Parker Place, will also relocate to the fifth floor.

The renovation is expected to begin on Nov. 1 with completion and the actual move of the stations in late first or early second quarter of 2020.

Big Radio includes 105.9 The Hog, 92.3 & 98.9 The Beat, 99.9 WJVL, 1230 & 92.7 WCLO and 101.9 Iron Country.

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