Take time and think about our priorities in life. They probably include: A healthy world that provides clean air and water along with a stable environment for future generations. A world safe from violence and hatred at all levels, local as well as international. A future with opportunities for people in all nations to provide for their families. A world in which constructive and honest relationships exist between those same nations. Our future depends upon these goals.

We must each realize our responsibilities to make this happen. Unfortunately there are too many nations in which dictators and tyrants prevent the citizenry from influencing their future. Their only goal is personal enrichment and maintaining their power.

We have to hope that there are enough citizens and leaders in the democratic countries to steer us toward our goals. While I realize that much of our time is consumed with the daily tasks that confront us, we need to stay informed. We have to make sure that we elect leaders that recognize and value our priorities.

In too many countries the voting rate is below 40%, news sources are slanted, and honesty is at a premium. Stay informed, value those priorities and vote.

Gene Bier, Milton

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