Amanda Miller Baking

Amanda Miller of Milton opened her home-based business Amanda Miller Baking in March.

Amanda Miller Baking is a home-based business that kind of happened by accident. A full-time teacher, Amanda Miller started taking requests from coworkers.

“One request turned into a couple more, which turned into doing cakes for work parties, which turned into a thought to see what would happen if I tried selling some cookies on the Facebook marketplace,” said Miller, who lives in Milton. Officially, she said her business started in March. (Her Facebook page is Amanda Miller Baking.)

Most of her baking is cakes, cupcakes and decorated sugar cookies.

Most-requested is her classic chocolate cake. The decoration varies from unicorns to classic rosettes to firefighting turnout gear. Miller describes: “The cake is light and fluffy but still manages to have a rich, fudgy chocolate flavor. Round cakes get pilled three layers high with my chocolate buttercream filling. I use Ghirardelli dark chocolate and fold it into a whipped buttercream for a mousse-like treat.”

At farmer’s markets, she finds that the adventurous cupcake flavors (pina colada, raspberry-white chocolate, salted caramel and cookies ‘n’ cream) really shine.

Miller learned how to bake from her mom.

“My mom was always a big baker and was an incredible teacher,” Miller said. “Bless her for having the patience for all the endless messes, but she always welcomed me and my sister into the kitchen with her. I remember decorating cupcakes for class birthday treats, learning how to cut butter into pie crusts, and paging through the drawer of cookbooks and cooking magazines.”

In the Miller family, baking is a way of showing love.

“Your love for the people you bake for shows through the time spent measuring and mixing, kneading and rolling, making sure everything is just so,” she said. “It’s such an honor to me to get to share that with the people in our community. That’s why the motto of my business is ‘always made from scratch and made with love.’ I get to be a part of events big and small in their lives, from a few cupcakes for a lunch with an old friend to the once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings. I love getting to hear about their celebrations as we plan the order, or see the excitement for the day when they pick it up.”

She also enjoys doing special seasonal items. A customer request sparked this fall’s biggest hit: apple cider donuts.

Often times, customers find inspirational photos on Pinterest, which is a great starting place when you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for.

“We’ll take the elements that they like from the photos and create something special for their event,” she said.

Sometimes a request is more specific, like hand-cutting cookies in the shape of an army battalion’s patch or recreating a couple’s wedding cake in cookie form.

She also designs from scratch based on the event, venue, themes and/or even the guest of honor’s favorite things.

The entire Amanda Miller Baking menu is available in a gluten-free version.

“My gluten-free items started with a good friend of mine,” she said. “Her family asked me to do my first gluten free batch of cookies because they were getting tired of the store-bought options or bagged mixes that were just... okay. They had a big event and wanted cookies that were actually delicious – not ‘better than nothing’ cookies, not ‘not bad for gluten free’ cookies, but really tasty cookies. After some experimenting, I’m so proud of how indistinguishable my gluten free items are from the regular versions.”

There are very few requests or items that Miller will not try.

“Generally, I’m game to give anything a shot,” she said. “The one thing that still manages to elude me is cake pops. They come out tasty as can be, but they are definitely not winning any beauty pageants.”

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