In the 2018-19 school year the 4K program in the School District of Milton moved from multiple community sites to just one at Small Wonders Learning Center, 880 McEwan Lane. Here, on the second floor, the school district had five classrooms and a shared space in the center. West Elementary also had morning and afternoon sessions of 4K.

And for the first time, afternoon bus service was added for 4K.

“We were able to accommodate many more families that had that need for transportation and then the wraparound care,” said 4K Principal Jen Cramer at the June 10 school board meeting.

Total enrollment at 199, according to DPI, was the highest 4K enrollment in the district to date.

“We were beyond capacity this year,” Cramer said. “I like to cap the classes at 16, a teacher and a paraprofessional.”

This past year, 4K classes were increased to 17 across the district.

4K Principal Jen Cramer said the upcoming 4K class is so far about 170.

Among the challenges observed in the first year of having most of the 4K students under one roof was a lack of space, she said. Specifically, she said space was needed to work with students in small groups or to allow students to take a break and get ready to learn.

An updated agreement with Small Wonders for 2019-20 includes exclusive use of the entire second floor and right to use and occupy the space during the summer.

The updated draft agreement says the district shall pay the provider an additional fee in the amount of $36,516. The enrollment fee is $327.50 per semester for each student enrolled in the 4K.

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