A new app will let parents know where their child’s bus is.

A new app to be rolled out in the 2019-2020 school year will help families and school district staff know where a specific child’s bus is.

The Milton Courier contacted Go Riteway on June 17 and learned three other districts use the app it refers to as “Here Comes the Bus.”

More than 2,200 students are eligible to ride the 29 buses in the School District of Milton, reported Director of Administrative Operations Jerry Schuetz at the June 10 school board meeting.

Schuetz said the new app will be especially helpful when there are bus delays and buses are rerouted.

Schuetz said Go Riteway’s current practice is to notify parents when a bus is going to be delayed by 20 minutes or more.

Answering a question by school board member Rick Mullen, Schuetz said the app could be used for busing related to school activities as long as the bus is within the technology’s boundaries (geofencing).

The equipment for the buses would need to be ordered now to allow Go Riteway to install the technology over the summer months, he said.

Here Comes the Bus will come at an annual cost of about $36,500. (Looking at that cost per day, Schuetz it’s $7 per bus.) According to Schuetz, the cost covers the purchase, installation and administration of the app by Go Riteway.

Schuetz said a specific cost will be forthcoming once the contract addendum is provided by Go Riteway. The cost could vary slightly due to an anticipated increase in enrollment that would require the addition of a bus or two, he said.

School board member Brian Kvapil suggested Milton should get a discount for being the beta test for Go Riteway.

With Kvapil casting the sole no vote, the school board approved a addendum to the Go Riteway contract that will add the app.

Go Riteway’s school bus division serves more than 35 school districts throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois, totaling over 35 districts today.

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