As Wisconsin State Treasurer, Sarah Godlewski is the state’s chief financial officer.

Godlewski led a student loan debt forum Wednesday at Culver’s in Newville. After the forum, the Milton Courier asked her to talk about the role of the state treasurer.

She outlined three core functions:

“The first one is to be a fiscal watchdog and protect tax dollars. What do you get for your money?

“The second piece is looking at win-win investments. I'm the chair of a $1.2 billion portfolio that goes to public education. So how are we investing that money? How are we ensuring strong returns? Because that benefits all Wisconsinites.

“And then the third one is economic security. If the people don't have good financial health, we're not going to have a strong economy so we need to look at whether it's the student loan crisis, retirement security, prescription drugs and healthcare. These are all critical issues that I really view as part of my portfolio as state treasurer.”

How does she hope to make the biggest impact on the state in this role?

“It would be to honestly re-establish what the state treasurer does. This office. People ask me, ‘What does the state treasurer do?’ I want Wisconsinites to know that we're working hard to protect their tax dollars. We're working hard to make sure they have strong thriving economies in their communities. And most importantly that we're investing our money back in the state.”

When the people of Wisconsin in 2018 considered amending the constitution to remove the state treasurer’s office, Godlewski helped form the Save Our Fiscal Watchdog.

Before she was state treasurer, the Eau Claire native co-founded an investment firm called MaSa Partners, which invests in early-stage businesses, and she helped found WE Capital Fund, which empowers female entrepreneurs through financing opportunities

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