Milton Recreation (MRec) coordinator Lance Knudsen said, “The phone’s been ringing off the hook about when the pool’s going to be opening up.”

Knudsen told the school board on Monday that lap swim will resume Wednesday, if not sooner. According to the MRec website, morning lap swim is 5:30-7 a.m. and the six lanes are available on a first come, first served basis. Adult evening swim and water walking is Monday and Wednesday 6-7 p.m. Cost is $60 for six months or $3 per time. Enter through Door 3.

Pool parties and swim lessons also will resume, Knudsen said. Open swim will be offered during the school year when the school district does not have school and teams are not practicing. Open swim will be offered during the school year when the school district does not have school and teams are not practicing.

People at Monday’s school board meeting, which was held in the high school library, were invited to see the pool themselves.

The Milton Courier shared images of the pool on Facebook. People said as they did after the school board meeting that they didn’t even recognize the old pool. Responding to a question on Facebook, school board member Karen Hall said health and safety updates were done so that the school could have a pool until the new pool is completed.

The pool closed March 1.The school board on Jan. 16 voted unanimously to make repairs to the pool.

Based on a 2018 evaluation by Ramaker & Associates of Sauk City and an email from the school district’s liability insurance carrier, an attorney told the board that it must seriously consider all of the recommended concerns and repairs.

In addition, in May 2018 a routine Rock County health department inspection noted gutters are not skimming effectively.

On April 2, voters in the School District of Milton approved a $59.9 million referendum. That includes a new pool, which Mike Huffman of Huffman Facility Development, school district’s owner’s representative, said should be ready by the fall of 2021.

What’s included?

The recent repairs to the pool were under budget ($814,000 vs. $881,000). Of that $160,000 was for pool-specifc work.

That included adding an ADA lift, replacing pool basin tile and gutter grating; improving deck tile with expoxy coating and wall tile with plaster coating; removing asbestos; replacing a slope where the deck settled; restoring gutter lip elevation; replacing pool room HVAC units; modifying pool room return ducts; and providing pool equipment room exhaust system.

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