The City of Milton Common Council passed a resolution June 4 authorizing the city clerk to establish a public hearing date regarding special assessments for curb and gutter replacements on Windsor Court and Front Street. 

Curb and gutter replacements on the two streets are part of larger projects scheduled this summer by the city’s Department of Public Works, replacing sewer and water mains, and the associated hookups, to update and improve service for the properties on those streets, city officials have said. 

As stipulated within city ordinances, “new sanitary sewer and curb and gutter replacements are assessable to the property owners,” a memo from Director of Public Works Howard Robinson states. 

During a public meeting held May 20, Robinson told property owners in attendance that only curb and gutter replacements associated with the projects would be assessed to property owners. 

According to the memo, “The public hearing will be held during a common council meeting.” As of June 10, a date for the public hearing had not yet been set. 

Following approval of the resolution, the Public Works director will make a report that will be sent to property owners by mail along with curb and gutter cost estimates for their individual properties, the memo stated. 

After the work is completed, the actual assessment is calculated and billed to property owners, the memo continued. 

City Administrator Al Hulick said: “The overall bid for the overall project came in under what we expected, so that’s good news. 

“This resolution only allows us the ability to schedule the public hearing and notify those property owners of those assessments, so at this time, we don’t know what those assessments are going to be.” 

The public hearing is an opportunity to hear from property owners after they have received notifications to discuss their concerns, Hulick said. 

Numbers offered to property owners on the two streets in May were estimates provided in the form of ranges, he said. 

Properties affected by the special assessments include those located on Windsor Court from West Madison Avenue to the north end of Windsor Court, and those located on Front Street from West Madison Avenue, through the intersection of Front and Elm streets, to the Vernal Avenue intersection, the resolution states. 

According to the resolution: “The assessment against any parcel may be paid in cash upon completion of the project (or) in five annual installments at the interest rate set by Finance Director policy.”  

In a follow-up interview, Director of Finance Dan Nelson said that after the report is completed, an interest rate for those using the annual payment option would be set. 

Once the public hearing date is set, it will appear as an announcement in the Milton Courier and on the letter sent to affected homeowners, he added. 

A request for bids on the project closed on May 30, Nelson said. The bid received by the city was lower than the engineering estimate of $928,000, he added. 

Update: In a letter sent recently to the Milton Courier, dated May 31, Hulick noted that those interested in learning more about the low bid received by the city should attend the June 18 council meeting, scheduled to take place at Milton City Hall, 710 S. Janesville St., at 6 p.m. 

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