City council meets

A caseload statistics report submitted to the City of Milton Common Council on Oct.15 notes the following:

During the month of September, 68 cases were processed through the city’s municipal court.

Of those cases, 10 fell under the category of “contested parking,” with those infractions disposed through forfeitures. Forty-four cases fell under the category of “traffic,” with 41 disposed through forfeitures, three were dismissed; two cases fell under the category of “OWI/BAC,” both were disposed through forfeitures. Six cases fell under the category of “Adult non-traffic,” and were disposed through forfeiture, and six fell within the category of “Juvenile non-traffic,” five of which were disposed through forfeiture and one case was dismissed. None of the cases coming before the city’s municipal court in September were transferred to a circuit or other municipal court.

The report further indicates that $5,043.02 was collected by the court in September. Of that amount, $2,058.27 was collected through forfeitures, and $1,657.02 was collected through municipal court costs. Other amounts collected included: $442,49 in penalty surcharges, $325.73 in county jail surcharges, $136 in driver improvement surcharges, and $423.51 in crime lab and drug enforcement surcharges.

Of the amounts collected, $3,500.27 was retained by the city, $461.73 was defined as a share to be sent to the county and $1,081.02 was labeled as a share to be sent to the state.

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