Unleaded fell to $1.48 per gallon Monday at Arndt’s, Casey’s and the city’s two Kwik Trips.

Both gas and gas pumps are making headlines this week.

Unleaded fell to $1.48 per gallon Monday at Arndt’s, Casey’s and the city’s two Kwik Trips.

Wisconsin experienced a 24-cent decrease on the week, the largest in the country, reported Nick Jarmusz, AAA director of public affairs. Despite two weeks of declining stocks, he said gas prices are expected to push cheaper in the week ahead due to anticipated dip in demand and falling crude oil prices.

Consumers this weekend on social media turned their COVID-19 prevention efforts toward gas pump handles, suggesting anyone who pumps gas use disposable gloves or paper towels.

Byran “Bryco” Heisz of Milton observed an employee of Arndt’s Mini Mart, 423 Parkview Drive, wiping down the gas pumps by hand.

“They’re really doing their part, trying to protect people,” he said of employees at Arndt’s.

“That’s something I never thought about doing,” he said, adding buttons and pump handles are surfaces that people touch frequently.

The Milton Courier learned that the person Heisz saw was Arndt’s Mini Mart Assistant Manager Melissa Hanger, who said she’s wiped down the pumps even before COVID-19. Now, she said she’s trying to get out and clean the pumps every two hours.

When asked what she would want to say to consumers, she said, “Keep on visiting. Every little bit counts.”

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