Matt and Candie Bonbon

Matt and Candie Bonson of Milton-based Bonson Construction, LLC, stand on ground they plan to develop into single-family homes. The City of Milton Common Council recently approved a preliminary plat for the first phase of the proposed three-phase, 31-lot subdivision. The first phase includes development along N. Janesville street of 4.5 acres into 9 building lots. Approval of a final plat is required before construction can begin.

The City of Milton Common Council approved on Nov. 5 a preliminary plat and development agreement for the first of a three-phase residential subdivision.

Milton-based Bonson Construction, LLC, is proposing to build single-family and possibly duplex-style homes on approximately 15 acres. The parcel to be subdivided is located at 260 N. Janesville St.

Additional phases will require additional reviews and approvals, City Administrator Al Hulick wrote in a memo to council.

Approval of a final first phase plat is required before any construction can begin, Hulick said.

While the full three-phase project calls for 31 building lots and three “outlots,” to be used for stormwater detention and retention ponds, the approved preliminary plat applies only to the first phase, which calls for the development of nine building lots on 4.5 acres, all of which are designated as sites for single-family homes. Any future lots planned for duplex constructions must be identified on the final plat, the memo stated.

“Once final engineering is completed, we will return to the city with a final plat,” project developer Matt Bonson told the Milton Courier. The final Phase 1 plat will include infrastructure, such as sewer and water distribution lines, and stormwater management. He anticipated a final plat would be presented to the city “right after the first of the year,” he said.

Matt Bonson said first phase development would include land closest to Janesville Street. The first homes built will average around 1,450 square feet and be placed on quarter-acre lots. Home prices will start in the mid-$200,000 range, he said.

Within the first phase, the preliminary plat includes the construction of a new public street extending east from North Janesville Street. Two cul-de-sacs are included along the street, according to the memo.

The new street will be called Journey Hills Road. The name was chosen, Candie Bonson said, because building the subdivision represents a new journey for both she and her husband, Matt.

First phase plans include two stormwater management basins, Matt Bonson said. While he was still working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, he said, three basins would likely be required within the scope of the full three-phase project.

Decisions about land best suited for park dedication is also under discussion with the city, Matt Bonson said.

Among items included within the approved development agreement, the developer must: complete all streets within the subdivision, including road base, curbs and gutters, and present them for preliminary acceptance by the city before any building permits are issued; construct, furnish and install complete sewerage, water distribution and stormwater surface drainage systems, and sidewalks as approved by the plan commission and indicted in the final plat, and, upon their completion, dedicate all public improvements to the city.

The agreement stipulates the developer must dedicate space of at least 5% of the total land within the subdivision as open space or parkland, or pay a sum equal to 3% of the equalized value of all the land in the subdivision in lieu of parkland. The payment in lieu of parkland for this subdivision would be $26,765.35, the agreement states.

The agreement requires the developer to file with the city “an irrevocable letter of credit from a lending institution approved by the city issued in favor of the city prior to the commencement of construction in an amount equal to the costs of all improvements plus 10% for each phase in a form reasonably approved by the city engineer and city attorney.”

The letter of credit shall be in an amount sufficient to pay any costs incurred by the city for any improvements left incomplete by the developer. The letter will be released when the requirements as set forth by the development agreement are met, the agreement states.

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