Lake Mills-based Forest Landscaping and Construction, Inc., has begun work clearing easements and placing sanitary sewer mains within Crossridge Park, on the east side of Parkview Drive and north of Parker YMCA, 1360 Parkview Drive. Work began July 2, project foreman Willis Woodland said.

Plans call for pipes to be placed within easements running through Crossridge Park, to Arthur Drive, and then to South Janesville Street. A new lift station, designated No. 12, will be located on the west side of Parkview Drive, directly across from Crossridge Park, Milton Director of Public Works Howard Robinson said.

Weather permitting, both Robinson and Woodland said, an anticipated completion date for the project is early August.

As of Monday, some 900 feet of easement was undergoing construction, Woodland said. Another 1,600 feet will be developed to connect the new sewer main with an existing lift station located at the end of the cul-de-sac near Milton City Hall, 710 South Janesville Street.

On Monday, a manhole for air release was also being set, Woodland said.

Coming at a cost of $839,968, the new lift station and associated sewer main makes available some 229 acres for future development on the city’s south side, City Administrator Al Hulick told city council members last October.

The city will spend an additional $112,000 to upgrade existing lift station No. 4, adding larger pumps, new electrical service and a standby generator, to better handle future flows, modernize the city’s collection system, improve energy management and meet current DNR requirements, according to a letter from the city’s engineering consulting firm Baxter and Woodman.

The new main will join with a gravity-driven system installed between Janesville Street and Sunnyside Drive and then connect to the citywide system and the wastewater treatment plant.

The city’s wastewater treatment plant, 41 North Street, is located near the city’s center, north of Madison Avenue.

The project is being financed through loans with payments funded through TID (tax incremental finance district) 10.

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