Fire station space needs

{child_byline}By Rebecca Kanable{/child_byline}

When Five Bugles Design initially did a space needs summary for the City of Milton and the Town of Milton, it was for a public safety building. That was in January 2011.

After the City of Milton moved its police station to the former Dean Clinic, Five Bugles went back to the drawing board.

In February 2015, Five Bugles estimated a fire station only would need 26,792 square feet.

In February 2016, the fire commission directed Chief Loren Lippincott to complete a contract with Five Bugles Design at a cost of no more than $1,800.

The cost estimate for a new 26,000-square-foot station in 2106 was $5.6 million.


In addition at looking at a new station, Architect Steven Gausman, owner and principal at Five Bugles in Eau Claire, in 2016 also looked at remodeling and adding onto the existing site.

“The building structurally is in pretty good shape,” he said. “The problem is it’s located smack dab in the middle of this property. If you put an addition back here (behind the existing station), we’re going to mess up your bays. The bays right now have 12-foot doors. For a 50-year building, they’re just too narrow. As a rule of thumb, we don’t put anything in under 14 feet.”

Significant remodeling or additions require code updates, which in this case, would include adding an elevator.

Masonry buildings are difficult to bring up to meet energy code, he said, describing how the building could be insulated on the inside and outside.

An addition also would require infrastructure upgrades.

Gausman compared remodeling a 100-year home. “Where do you draw the line?” he asked.

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