School District of Milton

The School District of Milton Board of Education at its last meeting talked about meeting as a whole board to look at recommendations made by Attorney Lori Lubinsky.

Lubinsky, a partner at Axley Law Firm in Madison, in February was directed by the board to look at whether the manner in which three stipends were approved violated state law or board policy. Her report issued in March stated that then-school board president Tom Westrick violated board policy by approving a $10,500 stipend to then-superintendent Tim Schigur and school board member Brian Kvapil violated the public records law by releasing documents to the media.

In a supplemental report released in April, Lubinsky offered recommendations to the board.

On Tuesday, board president Joe Martin said there would not be an additional meeting of the whole board to discuss the recommendations after the Oct. 14 school board meeting.

“We are relying on Shana Lewis’, our attorney’s, interpretation of those recommendations,” Martin said. “Most of the recommendations don’t deal with policy, they deal with procedural things that we have changed or are changing.”

Martin said Lewis was sending a memo to board members. Whether the Lewis’ interpretation of the recommendations would be on the Oct. 14 meeting was not yet determined.

“It could quite likely be on the agenda but we haven’t decided for sure,” he said.

At the Sept. 23 school board meeting, policy committee chairman Westrick said: “Shana is going to look at those and determine whether or not they’re actually policies or procedures. From the surface, it looks like the majority of them are procedures. She’s going to check into it and we can go from there.”

Members of the policy committee also include Kvapil and board member Rick Mullen.

Kvapil noted other board members had interest in participating in discussion relating to stipend recommendations. “I think we should give them the right and the opportunity to participate,” he said.

Because of the unique circumstance, Martin had said the whole board would sort through the recommendations, anything related to policy would go to the committee, then come back to the board.

Board members struggled to find a time that they could all meet, then decided they could have a meeting after the Oct. 14 school board meeting.

Why Kvapil votes no on staffing reports

At the April 22 school board meeting Kvapil had stated that the board needs to take action on the investigation recommendation before he would approve any contracts. Therefore, he has been voting no on every staffing report.

He said last week none of the listed recommendations has been addressed by the full board.

“Essentially, the district continues to run under the same policies, processes and conditions which allowed the actions and events that resulted in the two investigations,” Kvapil said. “I could not in good conscience vote to approve these new contracts/compensation under the same operating conditions and policies.

“Without any change, one can expect the actions and events which resulted in the two investigations to happen again.”

Kvapil said it is interesting that the policy committee has not yet taken up the recommendations.

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