Sydnie Ochs

Sydnie Ochs has won the AQHA Youth World Show, been named champion at the NSBA World Show and won the American Quarter Horse Congress, all in the last three months.

It’s fitting that Sydnie Ochs shows a horse named No Doubting Me, because with all of Ochs’ recent success, no one should be doubting her.

Ochs, a junior at Milton High School, has claimed three equestrian titles in the last three months. She won the American Quarter Horse World Show and the National Snaffle Bit Association World Show in August. She continued her success in October by winning the American Quarter Horse Congress.

“It’s been life changing,” Ochs said. “They’ve always been big goals of mine, to win the world show. I never thought it was something I was going to do, then it happened. I still can’t believe it.”

Ochs has been riding horses ever since she could sit up on one. At 6 or 7-years old, she started showing.

Things have gone pretty well ever since.

Ochs’ championship title at the American Quarter Horse Congress, which is hosted in Columbus, Ohio, was her third of her career.

The Congress is the pinnacle of horse showing. It’s the largest single breed horse show in the world.

“Every single time (winning the Congress) has been amazing,” Ochs said. “The third time feels like the first time.”

Even with past successes, what Ochs has done the last three months has been unprecedented for even her.

“These are probably the biggest wins I’ve ever had,” Ochs said. “Winning worlds has been a goal since forever pretty much. That’s been my ultimate goal.”

Ochs’ success has come with her horse No Doubting Me, also known as NoNo. She began showing NoNo as her main horse this year.

“I say he has a lot of quirks,” Ochs said with a chuckle. “He has a lot of weird things. As I’ve shown him more I’ve figured out those things. The more you show him and the more you ride him the more you figure out those quirks.”

Clearly, Ochs has been able figure out NoNo’s quirks quickly.

Although Ochs is a world-class horse shower, she’s also still a student. But Ochs makes sure she can balance world championships with math homework.

“They give me some work ahead of time and tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it when I’m at shows,” Ochs said. “I come back and still have to work on stuff.

“I stay after school, makeup tests, all that stuff.”

With all the success Ochs has had in the youth scene, a career past high school seems imminent for the Milton junior.

Fittingly enough for the girl who has been with horses almost all her life, Ochs said one college she has always had her eye on has been Oklahoma State, home of the Cowboys.

The next big event for Ochs will take place in Tampa Bay near the end of December, going into the early part of January.

The safe bet would be to not doubt Ochs coming out on top.

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