“I loved teaching in Milton, but now it is time to start a new chapter in my life,” said Milton High School math teacher John McNamara. The algebra, trigonometry, statistics and AP calculus teacher retired in June.

Employed within the Milton school district for 20 years, McNamara, known to his students as “Mr. Mac,” said his full teaching career spanned 33 years and included teaching math and physics at Eau Claire Regis High School for 13 years before finding his place in Milton.

McNamara also served as a National Honor Society advisor for 17 years.

McNamara’s interest in teaching sparked while he was still in college. “I started out in an engineering program,” he said, adding: “I enjoyed tutoring math and physics so I decided to become a teacher.”

A former resident of Eau Claire, McNamara earned his undergraduate degree in math and physics from UW-Eau Claire and a master’s degree in education from Cardinal Stritch University, he said.

Today, he and his wife live in Janesville.

When asked what he hoped people would understand about teaching, he said: “Teachers spend a lot of time working on curriculum and grading assignments outside of school hours, especially during the first few years of your career.”

McNamara said he hopes he will be remembered by his students for using humor to make math fun, and that his students remember to “never give up on yourself. Overcoming challenges is a part of the learning process.”

When asked what he would always remember about Milton High School, McNamara said: “The great colleagues I had, especially in the math department. We celebrated birthdays, weddings, and the birth of our children and we also supported each other as we grieved the loss of loved ones.”

His plans for retirement include driving for Uber and Lyft. He was already participating part-time with the organizations, he said, adding that now he would do it full-time.

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