Trick or treat

Lilly Duncan, 10, dressed as Wednesday Addams, and Eliza Grebe, 11, dressed as Evie from “Descendants 2” avoid the snow, while walking up the hill on East Sunset Drive.

Trick or treat was not the question. Instead the question this Halloween was should we trick or treat or should we not to trick or treat.

Snow began falling late Wednesday and ended mid-afternoon Thursday. When trick or treaters went out at about 5:30 p.m. in the city of Milton, terraces and lawns were covered, most of the sidewalks and roads were clear. The temperature was about 32 degrees F.

More than 980 children headed indoors for the 10th annual Community Carnival at CrossPointe Community Church, 609 Campus St.

For any children dressed as “Frozen” characters, this is their year. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, about 2.2% of children planned to dress as Frozen characters Elsa or Anna. (“Frozen 2” hits theaters Nov. 22.)

“Do you want to build a snowman?” Anna sings in “Frozen.” That, too, was possible this Halloween.

Carved pumpkins had their fill of snow. About 1.5 inches of snow had fallen late Monday and into Tuesday.

Neither weather event created long-lasting snow. Already Thursday afternoon the snow started melting.

With the most recent event, Director of Public Works Howie Robinson said the city salted the main highways and downtowns and sanded intersections. Robinson estimates about an inch of snow accumulated in the street and about 4 inches piled up along the curb.

“We plowed areas where there were drifts and no residential houses,” Robinson said. “We didn’t want to plow the leaves back into the terrace or into the neighbor’s driveway.”

According to Robinson, this was the earliest plowing in more than 30 years. He noted leaf pickup would continue this week.

Janesville Gazette weather records going back to 1948 show no snowfalls on Halloween. The data recorded only 10 October snowfalls during those 71 years, all of them small amounts unlikely to have resulted in snow on the ground on Halloween. The Janesville Wastewater Treatment Plant reported 5 inches of snow fell Wednesday night and Thursday.

According to state records for snow totals in Madison, Halloween became the snowiest day on record for October.In Madison, snow totals from Monday and Thursday added up to 8 inches, also a record. The old record was 5.2 inches in 1917.

Craig Spychalla and Frank Schultz of Adams Publishing Group contributed to this report.

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