The annual “Scouting for Food” drive was held Saturday, Oct. 12, and will be held again on Saturday, Oct. 26, Scouting BSA Pack 417 Cub Master Tammy Whitford said. 

While the food drive, which benefits the Milton Food Pantry, has taken place in Milton for over 15 years, she and her husband, Bill, who serves as Scout Master for Troop 417, said the program's timing and format were changed this year.  

“We changed the approach because the food pantry has limited space and there were school and postal drives in the spring. So we pushed the drive to the fall,” Tammy said, adding that it is usually held in late winter, early spring.  

“Typically, we have a flier that goes out. We tried to do it differently because we felt bad about litter,” Bill said. 

Using the more familiar system, fliers and food collection bags were left on people’s doorknobs in advance of collection day, but often the items would blow away before people had a chance to find them, Bill said. 

“This is the first time we are doing it this way,” he said.  

Tammy and Bill said in years past, Scouting BSA, which runs the drive through combined troop participation as a citywide event, typically collects  about 100 bags of food. On Oct. 12, 30 bags of food and $22 were collected, Tammy said. 

“As the scouts arrived to collect food, people weren’t aware, but the people we talked to were nice and they stepped up. Milton is a caring community, and historically, they’ve put out a lot of food, and the kids want to help,” Bill said.  

“Considering the change in time and procedure, I’m happy with the results,” Tammy said. 

This year, there was a reduced number of  participating troops, making community coverage less broad, Tammy said.  

“We only covered about one-third of what we normally cover. We normally cover the whole city,” Tammy said. 

Efforts will continue on Oct. 26, she said. Scouts will be circulating through neighborhoods between 9 a.m. and noon. 

Scouts will be looking to collect nonperishable dry and canned goods, and paper products. 

The pantry also needs diapers, Bill said. 

Cowley’s Piggly Wiggly is supplying this year’s food collection bags, Tammy said. Scouts will carry bags for filling when they arrive at the door, she said. 

Following are pictures from the Oct. 12 food drive. 

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