Here are some of the headlines that appeared in previous editions of the Milton Courier.

Jan. 7, 2010

“Penn Color to build plant in Milton.” The City of Milton has landed another manufacturer for its Crossroads Business Park. Penn Color, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of color pigments for plastics and color concentrates, intends to build a 50,000-square-foot facility on 13.6 acres between United Ethanol and new Highway 59. Initially 12 to 15 would be employed. Plans are to expand the facility and double employees by 2014.

“Gathering Place cuts staff hours to address budget gap.” As the incoming president of The Gathering Place board of directors, Gene Wenham, a Janesville resident, is quick to remind Milton residents how fortunate they are to have the senior center partially funded by the Marion Allen Foundation. In recent years the foundation dropped its support to 43 percent of operating costs. An additional $25,000 matching grant from the foundation was withdrawn last fall without explanation, and the revenue gap in 2009 reached $54,500.

Jan. 5, 1995

“Recycling questions rolling in.” Just exactly what items are recyclable? This question has been posed more than any other in the past 10 days by citizens calling the City of Milton Department of Public Works. Common items in question are disposable diapers, pizza boxes, fast food containers and aluminum foil. None of those four items need to be recycled. All should be disposed of in regular trash.

“Sheriff Joe Black turns in his badge.” After 29 years of serving as a law enforcement officer and almost 13 years as a Rock County Sheriff, long-time Milton resident F. Joseph Black turned in his badge this week.

Jan. 1, 1970

“Council hires city planner.” The Milton city council approved the hiring of a professional planner at a special meeting. Max Anderson Associates, Madison, a municipal planning firm, was hired to prepare a comprehensive long-range plan for the city at a cost of $8,500.

“Silver Star winner returning to Vietnam.” Sgt. Richard Cary returned home Christmas Eve from a year of action in Vietnam. He received a Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and other decorations. Cary plans to return to Vietnam after his 30-day furlough.

Jan. 8, 1970

“Township adopts snowmobile law.” An ordinance governing the operation of snowmobiles in Milton township was passed by the town board at a recent meeting and will go into effect this week. The law prohibits operating snowmobiles on highways, except for direct crossings, and specifies age limits, equipment, uses, speeds and provisions for derbies.

“Two zoning pleas slated.” Another zoning change petition will be heard by the city plan commission Jan. 14. The latest request is for multiple dwelling zoning on the proposed site for a senior citizen housing complex north of Madison Avenue, near Parkview Drive.

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