As long as I can remember, I've hated the month of March. Over the years, I've penned several

poems about this month. The other day, I decided it was time to write another one. So, here it is:

When April comes, my eyes light up

with hope for better days;

of sunshine, warmth, abundant joy,

the promise of bouquets.

But first I have to live through March,

that month with gloomy days.

So let me vent my anger here

and list its nasty ways.

I feel a stirring in my soul

that March was a mistake;

A slip, a blip, that wasn't planned

at all, for goodness' sake!

When morning comes, the sun stays hid

while clouds envelop the earth,

destroying laughter, beams of light,

and other signs of mirth.

If snow remains, its like a sponge

that soaks up salt and sand,

while snowbanks, peppered with black dirt,

appear throughout the land.

Then rain descends to drown new growth,

and puddles form on lawns.

When fog descends to block my view,

I'm like a hopeless pawn.

As hailstones pound my window panes,

they cause regrets to swarm.

Why didn't I leave our home behind

and flee to someplace warm?

At last, the sun comes out again

and shines upon our house.

My tears dry up, and I refrain

from screaming at my spouse.

It seems as though a year has passed,

but all of this takes place

In just one day of 'lovely' March.

Depart, vain month, in haste!

I'll never speak your name again,

pretending you are gone.

The month of March is now kaput!

Goodbye, farewell, so long.

Leanne Lippincott-Wuerthele, a native of Milton, who has lived in Minnesota and Iowa, has been writing Sunny Side Up for about 40 years. A graduate of Milton Union High School and Milton College, she has written four books. She has two children, three stepchildren, and a blended family that includes 11 grandkids.

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