What’s up this fall at the library

This summer the Milton Public Library welcomed 30,800 visitors from all around the county, state, and as far away as Illinois. They all came to experience the beautiful, state-of-the-art library we have in Milton.

If you haven’t discovered it already, the Milton Public Library is a wonderfully vibrant community center, filled with educational and eclectic workshops, resources, and events. This coming fall is no different.

Fall programming starts with the Gather ‘Round Recipe Club where cooking enthusiasts meet to share and sample their favorite cuisines. Each meeting offers a new theme for a dish to share. You can also try Essential Oils for Beginners, a class taught by Basics Co-op Staff.

Have a question about your laptop, tablet, iphone, or other device? Our new Technology Coordinator, Mark Jochem, is available for one-on-one tutoring. Call or stop by the library to set-up an appointment.

Teens have the opportunity to paint in our YouPaint workshop, learn basic electrical concepts while building a roaming butterfly, and create a magazine by and for teens.

Kids love our programs and this fall we have another great line-up of events. Pirate Family Literacy Night, Destination Pollination, and Nature Science in the SPARK are just a few of the educational and fun events scheduled.

Do you have a passion or skill you’d like to share? Our hands-on lab, The SPARK, is open to everyone who wants to explore and learn in a relaxed setting. Local enthusiasts have taught classes in woodworking, Kombucha, and more. Call Lisa at the library for more information.

Great news for ebook readers, OverDrive now offers Libby, a new app that gives users a quicker and easier way to download books. It also includes faster performance and powerful searches, customizable browsing options to find the books you want faster, and custom lists for tagging books you love or want to read. The library offers two ways to download books, movies, and music: OverDrive and Hoopla. Both are accessible through our website’s homepage and offer content for kids and adults.

A Look Ahead to 2018

The Milton Public Library is excited to announce an exciting upgrade in its library catalog, beginning in 2018. A larger selection of titles, as well as a new feature-loaded online catalog, are among the biggest changes coming. Milton Public Library, as part of the Arrowhead Library System (ALS), has joined the SHARE Consortium, known simply as SHARE, and it’s good news for Milton bibliophiles.

Rock County and the ALS Board of Directors approved measures which made way for Arrowhead Library System to sign a system agreement with Lakeshores Library System (LLS) in July welcoming ALS into the SHARE Consortium. "Besides more available titles, patrons will also see a more seamless integration of digital resources like Overdrive and Hoopla, text message notifications, better ways to track favorite authors, and a mobile app," says Steve Platteter, ALS director.

Benefits to members of this consortium include cost reduction, resulting in better and/or additional library services, resource sharing granting access to millions more items beyond a local library’s collection, and administrative and technical support for SHARE.

The SHARE Consortium began in 2005, and current members include Lakeshores Library System (2005), Kenosha County Federated Library System (2014), and Arrowhead Library System (2017).

ALS’s current online catalog, RockCat, was introduced in 2007 and currently has over 750,000 item records. The process of merging the ALS catalog with SHARE has begun and is expected to be complete in early 2018. The combined online SHARE catalog will have approximately 2,150,000 items and its interface will boast improved functionality over the decade-old RockCat. Patrons can look forward to features making it easier to track what you want to read, what you have read, and the ability to manage reserved books. "One feature we really think our library lovers are going to adore is the improved search function. Results will include titles in our digital libraries–Hoopla and Overdrive–in addition to the traditional library collection," says Tovah Anderson of ALS.

It is an exciting time for Rock County Public Libraries–come evolve with us. No library card? No problem. Visit Milton Public Library to get your free card. Just present a photo ID and proof of your current address – that’s all it takes.


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