To the editor,

Many people don’t know a lot about Cambodia and their current problems/events. In the 1970s many Cambodian people came to the U.S. to escape the Khmer Rouge. Hun Sen is the world’s longest currently serving prime minister. He first came to power in 1985 but was a political figure years before that. He joined the Khmer Rouge and rose through the ranks to become commander, and he led many attacks on the pro U.S. Khmer republic. Vietnam came in two years later and took over Cambodia and instituted a new government (PRK). Hun Sen was appointed foreign minister in the PRK, and by age 32, he was made prime minister. Human rights abuses continued. The U.N. stepped in to oversee a peace agreement with the goal of setting Cambodia on the path to democracy. This led to the 1993 “free and fair elections.” They didn’t turn out well for Hun Sen. In 1997, he orchestrated a coup to consolidate power, and he has been PM ever since. The voting process ever since then has been very messed up, and it has never been the same. Cambodia has been treated like crap for so long, and so many people have been killed in the many conflicts that Cambodia has been through I feel that Cambodia needs more attention to their problems.

Tanner Dixon


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