It’s an eclectic mix of music and yoga, but the husband and wife team of James Huschka and Kassy Coleman are taking the next step to make the case for their business, The Soul’s Song.

Set to open in early September at 1609 Landmark Drive, the business has been operated out of their Cottage Grove home since they moved to the village in late 2006.

“I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, and continue to be, and I’d been teaching out of our home on the east side of Madison,” Coleman said.

The Soul’s Song offers yoga, voice lessons, piano, cello, violin, guitar, meditation, reiki and chakra energy work. Voice and music lessons are for adults and children, and are available in individual or group lessons.

Coleman said she expects the voice and music students’ performances to be open to the public.

“People in this community really love to see what vocal folks are doing, especially for kids,” she said. “They’re wildly supportive of local kids.”

Coleman said her sister helped devise the business’ name.

“(She said) you try to help people find that song within them, that part of them that is their truest self,” Coleman said. “Literally for musicians it’s a song, but in yoga practice, it’s the light that is the authentic us.”

Huschka teaches in the Madison Metropolitan School District and expects to do so for a few more years. He will also be at The Soul’s Song after school and on weekends.

“We just wanted our own space,” he said. “We wanted to really expand what we could do for other people and really build it in our own kind of thing, a place that we could put all our practices into one space.”

Coleman said they really didn’t want to work for others, because they are so clear about their own vision.

“Now is the time. We need to do this for ourselves. We feel strongly about this. We have folks that like what we do,” she said. “The thing that shifted finally from the last four or five years looking for this to landing here was just that our intention became very clear.”

They considered adding on to their home, but the 1,500 square feet they are leasing is twice the size of the addition, and the buildout costs less.

Huschka and Coleman will also provide workshops for yoga teachers, musicians and those involved in the healing arts.

Coleman also teaches the Voice of Yoga, a trademarked style designed to teach singers, actors, teachers and public speakers to use the voice with an awareness of the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. This method combines the knowledge of contemporary vocal pedagogy with breathing techniques, postures and meditation from traditional yoga practices.

For yoga teachers wanting to advance their knowledge, local trainers are few and far between. Huschka and Coleman can provide some of that training, but they will also offer a master’s series for teachers.

“We’re bringing in people that are at a national level, practitioners that we really respect, that we studied with, that just aren’t available in this area,” Huschka said.

While the Landmark Drive site is bigger than their home, Huschka and Coleman don’t expect the business to ever get too big.

“Our intent was never to hire a ton of people. It was always based upon what we do and then just hiring for support,” Coleman said. “There are bigger studios in the Madison area that are fitting 60-70 people in a class. For us, how do you as a teacher connect to all of those people, and how do they know you even see them? We liked that this kept it to a smaller group that was manageable.”

Group voice lessons might have up to 10 people, and yoga classes could reach 30-40.

With many customers from Cottage Grove and Sun Prairie, they also draw from communities east of the village such as Deerfield, Marhsall and Lake Mills.

They admitted to looking elsewhere when they decided not to expand their home.

“We just really like being here, and I’m glad that it landed this way,” Coleman said.

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