Deer-Grove EMS Chief Eric Lang announced that the agency is the first in Wisconsin to offer specialized pediatric CPR electrodes.

To monitor the quality of pediatric CPR and provide the appropriate shock if necessary, Deer-Grove uses its new X Series monitor/defibrillators, the only such product on the market to have this capability.

Lang said studies have determined the quality of CPR in children is poor, with compressions frequently too shallow.

“First responders are often hesitant to compress to the appropriate depth in pediatric cardiac arrests, because they feel they might ‘hurt’ the patient,” Lang said. “Because a child’s physiology, bone density and strength are different from an adult’s, CPR needs to be performed differently.”

To implement pediatric CPR feedback on the X Series, EMS personnel attach ZOLL’s OneStep pediatric CPR electrode to the monitor/defibrillator using the X Series OneStep cable.

“This electrode/cable combination automatically changes the patient mode to ‘pediatric’ and adjusts to a preset energy and alarm level,” Lang said. “ZOLL’s real-time pediatric CPR feedback via the sensor provides the rate and depth and confidence necessary for us to deliver the highest quality of CPR to pediatric patients.”

He added that OneStep pediatric CPR electrodes provide the only CPR support for children less than 55 pounds while also enabling defibrillation, pacing and cardioversion. When pediatric electrodes are attached, the X Series automatically reduces the starting energy to 50 joules to ensure safe defibrillation.

CPR support technology on the X Series include the capacity to capture and analyze CPR quality, an important and integral component to improving outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest.

The Deer-Grove EMS District serves the towns and villages of Cottage Grove and Deerfield, as well as part of the Town of Pleasant Springs. Deer-Grove EMS covers a primary service area of 99 square miles.

In 2018, Deer-Grove EMS responded to 1,152 calls for service. Deer-Grove EMS has nine full-time paramedic staff members, 10 limited-term paramedic staff members and 14 volunteer EMTs through paramedic staff members.

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