An addition to the cafeteria at Glacial Drumlin School could help alleviate the long lines and early lunches disliked by students and their parents.

The Cottage Grove Plan Commission approved the plan Wednesday, Jan. 8, and the village board is expected to vote on the proposal Monday, Jan. 20.

The expansion would be adjacent to the existing cafeteria and next to the main entrance.

Maclain Schramm, of Eppstein Uhen Architects, said the expansion is desired for two reasons.

First, the added space will allow for two more lines to serve students. Currently, there are two lines for serving. To get all the fifth through eighth graders through, lunch begins in the middle of morning, and students often spend much of their lunch period in line to get their food.

Second, by expanding the square footage of the cafeteria, it will become a more functional space, Schramm said. It will allow for more flexibility in seating (round and rectangular tables) and reduce congestion from the long lines noted before.

At the meeting, it was said the additon was 1,500 square feet, but on Tuesday, Jan. 14, Schramm said the addition was 2,400 square feet.

On the exterior, the materials would match the existing brick and glass. Currently, the space is paved asphalt.

If approved, the work would be done in summer. Money for the project would come from the $57 million referendum OK’d in 2018. It included $1 million for Glacial Drumlin School to reconfigure the cafeteria and serving area, renovate classrooms to accommodate a fitness classroom, and to perform maintenance and repairs, including the HVAC system.

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