Election day is Tuesday, April 4

The last three months of campaigning will come to an end Tuesday when voters go to the polls to decide the fate of several people seeking local office.

In addition to the contested races, there are several local officeholders running unopposed, a handful of regional and state offices to be decided and a referendum in Monona.

Running for the two-year post of Monona mayor are Alder Mary O’Connor and Phil De Villers.

Three spots on the City Council, each for a two-year term, are also on the ballot. Candidates for the at-large seats are incumbents Doug Wood and Chad Speight, as well as Nancy Moore.

The referendum asks voters to begin the process to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that declared political contributions are equivalent to free speech and cannot be limited. It asks voters to support a statement that urges passage of a constitutional amendment to deny the rights of personhood to corporations, unions, nonprofits or other artificial entities, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting speech.

Monona is one of nine Wisconsin communities with this referendum on the ballot next week.

If all vote in favor, 106 Wisconsin communities will have called for the amendment. Nationwide, 18 state legislatures have done likewise, as have more than 730 towns, villages, cities and counties.

Waltraud Brinkmann, of Monona, is frustrated with the Wisconsin Legislature’s stance.

“Citizens in 97 Wisconsin communities have passed resolutions calling for an amendment,” she said. “We need state legislators to put it on a statewide ballot, but they won’t even let the bills have a public hearing.”

In Cottage Grove, incumbent Village President Jack Henrich is being challenged by Trustee John Williams for a two-year term.

As for the Village Board, only two candidates are on the ballot to fill three positions. Running for the at-large positions are Forrest John Crawford and Larry Schoenemann.

Heidi Murphy and Jim Elmore are running as registered write-in candidates for Cottage Grove village trustee.

Village Clerk Lisa Kalata said that because there are only two ballot candidates and three open positions, all votes for registered and non-registered write-in candidates will be counted. The three candidates who get the most votes – among the ballot candidates as well as registered and non-registered write-ins – will be elected to a two-year term on the board.

Four candidates are seeking two spots on the Monona Grove School Board.

Joining incumbents Dean Bowles and Susan Fox are David Peterson and Jon Russell. Each of the at-large positions is for a three-year term.

No changes are expected in the Town of Cottage Grove, as all incumbents are running unopposed for another two-year term. They are Town Chairman Kris Hampton, Supervisor 1 Mike Fonger and Supervisor 2 Steven Anders.

McFarland voters are faced with six candidates seeking three positions on the Village Board. Incumbents Stephanie Brassington and Clair Utter are joined by Carolyn Clow, Shaun O’Hearn, Michael Shumway and Brevin Becker in seeking a two-year term at village trustee.

Clow announced over the weekend that seven state and local leaders and organizations have endorsed her.

They are Dane County Supervisor Patrick Miles, state Sen. Mark Miller, state Rep. Jimmy Anderson, South Central Federation of Labor, Dane Dems, AFSCME PEOPLE and the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans.

McFarland Village President Brad Czebotar is unopposed for another two-year term.

McFarland School Board incumbent Tom Allen is facing Tom Mooney for a three-year term.

In the Town of Dunn, all incumbents are running unopposed for another two-year term. They are Chairman Ed Minihan, Supervisor 1 Jeff Hodgson and Supervisor 2 Steve Greb.

Dane County Court of Appeals judge candidates will also be on the ballot.

For statewide races, incumbent Supreme Court Judge Annette Ziegler is unopposed, while the state superintendent of public instruction race will feature incumbent Tony Evers and challenger Lowell E. Holtz.

Early voting at local municipal clerk’s offices continues until 5 p.m. Friday.

Voting on Tuesday will take place from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. All voters must provide a state-required ID at the polls.

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