A draft of a revised Cottage Grove Comprehensive Plan is expected to be posted online today, as it nears its final stages before anticipated adoption next month.

The draft and a summary of the key points of a survey will be available through Oct. 14 at www.village.cottage-grove.wi.us.

A joint meeting and public hearing with the plan commission and village board is expected to be held Oct. 21, when both bodies could approve the new plan.

Residents had a chance to offer written or verbal comments on possible revisions at an Aug. 21 open house, and those comments were then reviewed by the plan commission Aug. 28.

A majority of survey respondents said the village has enough of a variety of housing options, and smaller lot sizes were discouraged. Currently, the village requires a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet for single-family homes.

Many respondents also opposed the proposal of Movin’ Out, which wants to build a complex of about 100 units and some retail space at West Cottage Grove Road and Sandpiper Trail. Opposition was due to not wanting low income residents in the neighborhood, a perceived decrease in home value and an increase in crime, lack of sufficient street parking in the area and a fear of overcrowding in the schools.

Some residents said the village needs to have more proactive outreach about potential sites for multi-family housing.

Potential planned mix areas in the plan, including the Movin’ Out location, are the northeast corner of West Cottage Grove Road and Bass Road; West Cottage Grove Road between Sandpiper Trail and Cork Crossing, as well as land on the south side of West Cottage Grove Road; the former UW Health Clinic property at West Cottage Grove Road and Westlawn Drive; property south of Rainbow Child Care Center between North Main Street and North Windsor Avenue; property at the southwest corner of Gaston Road and Highway N; and land on Highway N that is south and west of McCarthy County Park.

Smaller lots are proposed in 11 future developments, mostly on the outskirts of the village.

The concept of a planned neighborhood encourages a mix of mostly single-family residential development integrated with limited components of two-family residential, multi-family residential, community facility, parks and open space, neighborhood office and neighborhood business.

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