The Dane County Sheriff’s Office responded to two home invasions early Friday, Oct. 4.

The first occurred at about 2:25 a.m. on Highway TT in the Town of York, when suspects entered the home using keys they obtained from an unlocked vehicle. A purse and two sets of vehicle keys were taken from the home before the suspects fled.

The property was later found in a stolen vehicle recovered in Madison. That vehicle was stolen during an incident in Sun Prairie. In addition, multiple thefts from vehicles and homes in Marshall were reported overnight.

The second home invasion occurred on Powers Avenue in the Town of Blooming Grove at about 4:45 a.m. The homeowner reported a suspect entered their residence through an unlocked front door and stole a cell phone. Again, other homes and apartments nearby, but within the city of Madison, were broken into around the same time.

Officials at the sheriff’s office stressed the need for homeowners to be diligent about securing their homes and vehicles. This is a large and organized group of criminals that are becoming increasingly brazen, according to news release from the sheriff’s office. They are swarming entire neighborhoods in search of easy targets. No area or neighborhood is considered off limits.

In several recent burglaries throughout the county, firearms have been stolen, and there is a high likelihood that some of these thieves may be armed. In addition to locking homes and vehicles, officials encourage residents to keep their outdoor lights on throughout the night and to not leave valuables like wallets, purses and car keys where they are easily accessible.

Law enforcement is also asking for the public’s help in catching the thieves. Anyone who sees or hears suspicious activity is asked to call 911 immediately. Those with home video systems are asked to save and share anything suspicious or concerning with their local authorities.

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