To the editor,

Local elections are important, and that’s why on April 7, I urge you to vote for Jennifer Kuhr, Molly Grupe, and Chris Henderson for Monona City Council.

Joining the council three years ago, Kuhr has worked tirelessly to listen to all residents, bring those views to the table and make decisions based on the betterment of all of Monona. She doesn’t shy away from tough issues. As chair of public works, she worked to address safe routes to schools and other areas of our community. Kuhr has also spearheaded efforts to increase city communication with our residents. She has the experience, care, and demeanor that make her a wonderful city representative.

Since Grupe joined the council, she has brought enthusiasm and a holistic view of our community. She has continually advocated for our senior residents and pushed the city to move forward on important sustainability initiatives. Her inclusive and forward-thinking mindset is what we continue to need on our council.

Henderson is a Monona native who moved back to raise his family in our great city. He’s been involved in the community including serving on boards such as the Clean Lakes Alliance. He’s a partner of a local business who has a pragmatic and commonsense approach to issues. His voice would be a positive addition to the council.

In the last four years, the council has put Monona on great financial footing by lowering our debt, keeping the highest bond rating and holding down costs. There are important issues facing the city in the next few years, among which are the need for a new public safety building, continued redevelopment and maintaining our services, facilities, parks and programs. These are the things that will continue to make Monona a great place to live, work and play.

It is important the city continues moving forward in a collaborative fashion, and that is why I encourage all voters to support these three honest and inclusive community members for city council on April 7.

Andrew Kitslaar

Alder, Monona

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