Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced the reopening of the Capital City Trail between Fish Hatchery Road and Seminole Highway.

The reopening comes after crews completed a 2-mile restoration and bridge replacement project along the popular trail. This restoration is part of a multiyear, multiphase effort by Dane County to improve the safety and ride along about 10 miles of the Capital City Trail, which has been open to the public since 2000.

“The Capital City Trail is one of the most popular locations to bike in Dane County, and we are committed to restoring the trail so it can continue to be enjoyed for many years to come,” Parisi said. “By investing in our network of trails, we enhance our outdoor spaces and Dane County residents’ quality of life.”

Parisi is including $250,000 in his 2020 budget for the next section of work on the Capital City Trail.

To date, the county has spent more than $1.5 million on the first two phases of the restoration effort. The third phase will go from Seminole Highway to the Bike Roundabout and is expected to start in 2020. All phases include pavement resurfacing, drainage improvements, ADA improvements, and signage upgrades, including new wayfinding signage.

The 10-mile county portion of the Capital City Trail through the Capital Springs Recreation Area and Lewis Nine Springs E-Way is part of the Wisconsin State Trail System. It connects local trails like the city of Madison’s portion of the Capital City Trail, Fitchburg’s Cannonball Path and Dane County’s Lower Yahara River Trail with the Badger State Trail and Military Ridge State Trail. The Capital City Trail sees more than 125,000 users each year.

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