Owners of a distillery added a tasting room in 2019, and in 2020, they want to add expand and include an outdoor entertainment area for live music.

Doundrins Distilling, 300 Progress Drive, received approval from the Cottage Grove Plan Commission on Wednesday, Jan. 8, to enclose 11,000 square feet of outdoor space, and build a stage, bathrooms, service bar and children’s play area. Village trustees are expected to act on the conditional use permit Monday, Jan. 20.

Currently, the outside area is mostly gravel, as it was used to store vehicles for the former business that was located there.

Abby Abramovich, co-owner, said the new bar would be for service only, not for customers to sit at and drink. She also said the live music does not have a schedule yet, and the space would only be used when weather permits in the warmer seasons.

Restrooms and a bar would be built along the existing building with a new 12-foot by 24-foot stage on the north side of the fenced area. The stage would have a permanent power source and is intended primarily for live music, said Erin Ruth, planning director for the village.

The service bar and restrooms would be enclosed and air conditioned. Much of the area would be planted with turf. Gravel would remain along the southern fence line for use by food trucks that may be invited to events. There would be a playground in the southwest corner and a propane fueled fire pit in the northwest corner.

Abramovich said the stage would face south toward the railroad tracks, away from the residential neighbors to the north.

In addition to the manufacturing space, Doundrins Distilling has a tasting room for their alcohol and a liquor license that allows them to serve beer.

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