There’s another month or so of work to be done on the bike path on Highway N in Cottage Grove.

The project extends the Main Street bike path to the north and will be a continuation of the 10-foot wide asphalt path that currently ends just north of Oak Street.

“This year is phase one of the overall project and brings the path up to Northlawn (Drive), about 2,000 feet, where there are existing sidewalks along Main Street,” said JJ Larson, director of public works. “So, even completing just this phase will make an important connection for anyone looking to travel along Main Street/Highway N. Phase two (next year) will continue the asphalt path from Northlawn to the existing path at I-94, and ultimately tie into planned Dane County paths in the future.”

Larson said the project required stormwater infrastructure, including curb and gutter, because the ditches were filled in to bring the path to street level. The contractor is nearing completion of that infrastructure, and the subcontractor poured the curb and gutter last week.

“There will still be base prep work, asphalt and restoration to complete in the coming weeks,” he said.

The project will be substantially completed Sept. 5, and final completion is expected Sept. 12.

On another bike path note, the Glacial Drumlin Trail extension through Cottage Grove that will eventually connect to Madison is scheduled for construction in 2021, with a significant portion covered with state grant funding.

Officials will likely begin design work later this fall, Larson said.

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