To the editor,

Not to brag, but I think that I have lately come up with a pretty good face-saving plan for our country of 2019. Taking my cue from our patriotic, stable-genius president, who recently suggested that “… we should get rid of our amnesty program,” here’s my plan: “At a state dinner, we should formally reiterate our thanks to France for its generous gift-of-yore to us: our inspirational Statue of Liberty. And keep it, standing tall, in that New York City harbor, for all of us to admire, so that, in its beautiful reflection, we might also admire ourselves for our characteristic, typically Christian, magnanimity. Here, now, in our exceptional country.

But we should also remove its plaque, deleting any trace of that “yearning to be free” stuff, then to return to the French ambassador that decorative accoutrement, later, announcing to the world what we’ve done.

Sure, Lady Liberty would still be rightly viewed from afar as now being a two-faced liar, but yet, we could still remain as a somewhat prideful, dignified people, for no longer would she be seen as a hypocrite.

Just a thought. Do I hear an amen?

Dick Behling

Cottage Grove

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