New name adopted

The Monona City Council formally adopted the name Grand Crossing Park for the new city park at 6320 Inland Way. A dedication of the park was held in October. At that event were, from left, Jake Anderson, director of the parks and recreation department; Ann Tieman, Monona Bank; and Mayor Mary O’Connor. Monona Bank is the corporate sponsor the for the ice rink at the park.

The new Monona city park at 6320 Inland Way officially has a name.

Monona alders voted Monday, Nov. 4, to adopt Grand Crossing Park as the name of the park. Previously, city officials referred to the 0.6-acre of land as Riverfront Park.

The recommended new name was simply Grand Crossing, but Alder Nancy Moore wanted the word “Park” added.

“As I reviewed the park and rec site and again as I thought through all of the other park facilities in the city, everything is clearly defined as either a park or shelter,” she said. “I’m probably a little more sensitive about this then some others because my chairing the plan commission. I know how many signs we’ve been approving for this area, and I just feel like between the signage for The Current as a building and the signage for all the are there and the signage for the hotel and what’s going to be more signage for the next building when it’s erected.

“I’m just afraid we’re going to outsmart ourselves by not simply saying Grand Crossing Park on the sign, and calling it Grand Crossing Park as opposed to Grand Crossing.”

The name Grand Crossing is a historical reference used by Native Americans to describe that area of the Yahara River as outlined in the book “Monona in the Making.”

The park was dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in October.

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