Monona city official expect to seek bids for the reconstruction of McKenna Road in early 2020 with the project set to begin a few months later.

Alders on Monday, Dec. 16, are expected to vote on the special assessments that will be levied against abutting property owners for their share of the work. The project will extend from West Dean Avenue south to Greenway Road.

Dan Stephany, director of public works, told the Monona City Council on Monday, Dec. 2, the estimated cost of the project is $1.73 million, and the amount to be paid by property owners is $378,148.80. That translates to $95.29 per foot of property abutting McKenna Road.

“This is based off the engineer’s estimate,” Stephany said. “We will be going to bid in early January. When the project is complete and all the bills have been paid, if the project dollar is less than what we have here, the assessments will be adjusted downward based on the actual costs. If the project comes in higher and the cost per foot is higher, we … are going to keep it an $95.29 per foot.”

Stephany said the first payment from property owners would be Jan. 1, 2021. In the past, the city has given homeowners eight years to make equal payments.

Plans for McKenna Road include new concrete curb and gutter, a reconstructed street section and landscape restoration behind the new curb. Any lawn landscape area disturbed by street construction will be regraded and filled with topsoil. Grass areas will be reseeded and topped with straw matting. If necessary, portions of driveways will be rebuilt to match new street elevations or to repair driveway disturbance due to street reconstruction. Other improvements included in the project, but not subject to special assessment, are new sanitary sewer main, new water main, new storm main and sidewalk installation.

Alder Jennifer Kuhr stressed the special assessment is not used to pay for sidewalks.

Stephany said the a 5-foot wide sidewalk will be installed on the west side (southbound) of the street with a 4-foot terrace area. Parking will be allowed in this southbound lane, but no parking will be allowed in the northbound lane.

“The five-way intersection will be realigned to a four-way,” Stephany said.

No residents spoke at the Dec. 2 public hearing on the special assessments.

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