A pair of vacant properties owned by developer John DeWitt could see some progress now that village officials agreed to rezone them.

The Cottage Grove Village Board voted last month to follow the recommendations of the plan commission to rezone both parcels to neighborhood business. Earlier zoned as planned business, the first site is 2.9 acres immediately north of CVS, 605 W. Cottage Grove Road. The second site, formerly neighborhood office, is about 1.1 acres at the southwest corner of West Cottage Grove Road and Limerick Drive.

“It’s allowing him more options for property that’s been sitting there vacant for quite some time,” Village President John Williams said.

The lot north of CVS, referred to as lot 2, was created when the CVS lot was divided in 2011.

“The applicant feels the current … zoning has deterred development of the parcel because it lacks the Highway BB frontage, has poor visibility from Highway BB, and it has an awkward shape for commercial development,” Erin Ruth, village planner, wrote in a Nov. 8 planning staff report.

The neighborhood business district limits the maximum commercial building size to 5,000 square feet for a one-story building or 10,000 square feet for a two-story building while also requiring a more residential style of building. It also permits a wider range of residential uses.

“Single-family becomes permitted by right, while duplexes, townhomes, multiplexes and apartment buildings of no more than four units would be allowable as a conditional use,” Ruth said.

DeWitt said two-family residential is most likely the future for the site.

“We’re really actually very interested in that rezoning, because there are a number of people that are doing condominium duplexes and general duplex development, so we’re really thankful for the approval of lot No. 2, because that opens up a significant opportunity for us,” he said.

The other parcel, referred to as lot 48, could most likely become multifamily residential. The former zoning was too restrictive on the size and use of buildings on the site, DeWitt told village officials.

The new zoning would maintain the same multifamily residential options as the former zoning, Ruth noted.

However, the neighborhood business zoning would expand the permitted commercial uses to include indoor sales and services, and indoor maintenance as permitted uses, and indoor commercial entertainment and in-vehicle sales and service as conditional uses.

“Neighborhood business also allows commercial apartments (above ground floor in mixed-use buildings) as a conditional accessory use,” Ruth said. “The same 12,000-square-foot minimum lot size would apply for a four-unit building, so again, potentially multiple buildings could be permitted if the lot were divided. Again, the density could not exceed 10 units per acre.”

DeWitt said there is an interested party for the lot, but there is another option as well.

“We’re contemplating due a multifamily ourself on lot No. 48 in conjunction with another developer,” he said.

Any building proposals would still have to be approved by the plan commission and other governmental bodies.

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