More details are forthcoming at the Monday, Dec. 16, meeting of the Cottage Grove Village Board, but Lee Boushea is definitely stepping back from his duties as village attorney.

Boushea, owner of Boushea, Segall and Kliminski Law Offices in Fitchburg, has served as village attorney for about 30 years.

“At that time, I was 30 years old, and everybody looked old,” he told the board Monday, Dec. 2. “I thought, ‘Well, I’ll never look like that.’ Time has a way of passing.

“If you do the math, and this is just a rough guesstimation, but I’ve spent approximately a thousand nights at village board meetings, which may account for the lack of hair and gray to some extent.”

Boushea said he is willing to help with the transition to a new village attorney.

“I do not want anyone to think I’m abandoning ship,” he said.

One of Boushea’s many duties is to draft and review developer agreements. He said the most recent half dozen agreements are either completely drafted or are nearly done.

Village Administrator Matt Giese said more discussion about the transition to a new attorney is expected next week.

“I would assume we would seek proposals from several law firms and have a process similar to how the village selected a banking institution and building inspector,” he said. “Given the holiday season, the selection of a new law firm or attorney is likely to happen middle of January or early February.”

Boushea reassured the board there is no underlying reason for him stepping down.

“I’m not dying, I’m not sick, but I am 66, so it’s time to step back a little bit,” he said.

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