A proposal to turn an 11,000-square-foot grass and gravel area into an outdoor performance venue is running into some resistance from neighbors.

Doundrins Distilling, 300 Progress Drive, is seeking a conditional use permit for an outdoor seating area that would include the construction of a stage, service bar, a pair of permanent bathrooms and playground equipment. The permit was approved by the Cottage Grove Plan Commission and was forwarded to the village board for consideration Monday, Jan. 20.

Clearbrooke Trail resident Jeff Stadtmueller said he it’s a proper fir for the liquor manufacturing business to be in the industrial park. He said he is even OK with the owners having a tasting room on site.

But, he said outdoor commercial entertainment is too much.

“They’re essentially asking to expand their tasting room by a factor of 12, which really changes the fabric of that area,” Stadtmueller said at the village board meeting. “The addition of a stage that’s 12 by 24 … and that stage is 50 percent closer to my house then the general neighborhood. I think they all have good intentions … but without knowing what kind of music you’re going to have there, how much is it going to be amplified … this could be really loud and it could be throughout the summer.”

He said a 2018 change in the zoning rules that allowed the outdoor volleyball courts at Oakstone Recreational also applies to the industrial park as well, and that allows for the commercial entertainment.

Stadtmueller said music from the Cottage Grove Firemen’s Festival, which is farther away than Doundrins Distilling, can be heard at his house.

Others also wondered how often the outdoor music shows would be held, what volume would be permitted and how late into the night music would be played.

No one from the distillery was at the village board meeting to answer questions from village trustees, so they voted to table the conditional use permit until Monday, Feb. 3. Owners of the distillery will be invited to attend and answer questions.

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