To the editor,

Over time there has been the rise of many group categorizations. There was the age of bronze, the age of iron, the industrial revolution and the digital revolution. Each has their own subgroup that lobbies for attention.

In the bronze revolution, it was the smelters and the merchants. In the industrial revolution, it was the furnace workers and the merchants. Then, with the digital revolution, it was the code writers and the sales team.

After WWII, President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex driving policy and commerce. Today we have the outraged industrial complex.

Each week, a new cry for action by others is foisted upon us. This growth industry does not require skilled workers, just a sense of want and an internet connection.

The real question is who are the merchants of this platform? Is it the workers, the politicians, the lobbyists or the internet providers? I would suggest, when you are confronted with a statement from the outraged (insert here), ask yourself “Who stands to gain from this”? If the answer is no one really but it sounds good, then label this outrage of the day as irrelevant and move on. If the answer is one group or individual, label it for who they are.

Richard Wood

Cottage Grove

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