To the editor,

In these extraordinary times, it might be easy to forget there’s an election coming up on April 7. But we won’t. Monona loves to vote in any election for any office at any time. We just vote; it’s who we are. Let’s keep doing it.

Voting is a bit of normality we can hold onto in these extraordinary times. 
If at all possible, please vote by requesting a mail-in absentee. The deadline to request a mail in ballot online has been extended by a federal judge at the time of this writing. It’s really easy:

When you vote, I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Jennifer Kuhr and Molly Grupe to the Monona Common Council. Working with them and observing how they go about their business, I’ve been extraordinarily impressed by the energy and commitment they each bring.

As chair of the Landmarks Commission, Jennifer took a leading role in putting together a remarkable and moving dedication ceremony for the Monona Mound with leading members of the Ho-Chunk. It was a moving moment of recognition and reconciliation.

Jennifer has clearly earned the trust and respect of the mayor who named Jennifer chair of the Public Works and Community Media committees as well as Landmarks. In all of those roles, she has shown the knowledge, skills, judgment and temperament to be able to get the job done.

Jennifer strongly believes in the importance of communication from the city and community engagement. She likes meeting with constituents and hearing their concerns. She may not be able to solve every problem, but she feels that everyone deserves to be heard.

Jennifer is committed to planning for the new public safety building in a fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable way. She seeks to build community by using things we already have – the library, senior center, community center and parks – to bring people together.

Molly Grupe is passionately committed to environmentalism and sustainability. She has supported public safety and bike/ped access through the budget process. 
Molly has been a leader in social justice and culturally inclusivity while on the council. She suggested a proclamation recognizing Juneteenth, is working to faithfully honor the Monona Police Department’s agreement with the Dane County Community Restorative Courts and assisted in drafting the resolution in support of Dane County’s proposal to rename Monona’s southern bay to Wicawak.

Molly participates in many events, festivals and community happenings to garner perspectives from multiple stakeholders and be a visible leader in the community. She also serves on the board of directors for the Friends of the Monona Senior Center.

Both Jennifer and Molly support the city taking a leading role to forge a collaborative public/private partnership to acquire the San Damiano to preserve it for public use. They recognize that the Norbertines’ decision to put this property on the market is a historic opportunity.

I hope you will join me in voting for Jennifer Kuhr and Molly Grupe for the Monona Common Council.

Doug Wood


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