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Greg Dockter is president and founder of ByzMed LLC, a registered pharmacist and now inventor of DrxNoze Nosebleed Relief.

Greg Dockter knows all to well how frustrating and worrisome nosebleeds can be for people. He is among the many who suffer from frequent nosebleeds.

That, coupled with the fact that when he had a patient develop a nosebleed in his pharmacy and the best solution he could offer was a tissue, prompted him to develop his own nosebleed relief product.

Dockter is president and founder of ByzMed LLC, a registered pharmacist and now inventor of DrxNoze Nosebleed Relief.

“My Dad was briefly hospitalized due to a nosebleed that would not stop,” Dockter said. “He has a heart condition, and because of this takes a blood thinner. So, once the bleeding starts, it takes a while to stop, and in his case, it was really not stopping. With him living across the country from me and not having working samples to use, it made me worried for his well-being. My hope is to alleviate these fears for others as well.”

DrxNoze Nosebleed Relief is a patented formulation that will stop most nosebleeds, allowing users to return to their activities quickly. It is a uniquely blended product that constricts blood flow and speeds clotting. The one-time use applicator releases a topical gel, formulated with all natural active ingredients to the problem area and the bleeding stops, typically in one minute, all without forming a large clot at the surface of the bleed.

The extra benefit from this product comes from minimizing any rebleeding, because no large clot forms.

Dockter said he took into account interactions with medication and health conditions to minimize any risk of side effects when using the medication.

People who can benefit from DrxNoze Nosebleed Relief include:

• those involved in athletics

• those on blood thinning agents

• those involved in cold weather and high altitude activities

• those with allergies

• those using nasal steroids

• those who live in a dry climate

• those with hypertension (high blood pressure)

In addition, schools and organizations, households with active children and any group that has a medical or first-aid kit on premises could benefit from DrxNoze Nosebleed Relief, Dockter said.

The product is available for $12.99 online at www.drxnoze.com. Shipping is free for a limited time.

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